16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I travel to my office by cab. Means i spent 2hours in cab on daily bases. Many times i feel jerk on speed breakers Is it safe to continue till 8th month?

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Answer: No...this is the time to take rest.too much travelling is not safe for ur pregnancy. So plz take care
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Question: I am 8th week pregnant I have to travel almost 1hr daily to office by cab is it fine?
Answer: Please keep a pillow for the back and stomach to support your womb
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Question: Is it OK to travel by cab during first trimester. I go to office by cab please suggest
Answer: Hi dear yes it is safe ,sit in the front sit n tell driver to drive slowly
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Question: Hi, i am a working lady and on daily bases i have to travel 2 hours on bike to go to office and be back.is it safe if i am not having any jerks. Can i continue my traveling?
Answer: If you are not having any jerks, you can continue to travel. But be very careful, four-wheeler would have been a better option for you.
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