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Question: I took scan on my 22nd week .......the scan impression was....ultrafocus in left ventricle.but the baby's heart rate is normal.they even took echo for baby that also was normal.but I'm always worried about this .i consulted many doctors .they told nothing to worry.but im afraid of my babies growth.but the movement is good.is this a great issue...pls answer my question

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Answer: Hi dear, It is called echo intracardiac focus.it is caused by mineralisation or small calcium deposits.it is usually not harmful but needs further examination in future scans.echogenic intracardiac focus is linked to a suspected cardiac malformation or may lead to a congenital heart defect at birth in some cases.However, the most worrisome effect that it may have is that it signals the presence of Down’s syndrome.so if doctor suspects any of such issues then you might need an aminocentesis.sibce your doctor gave green signal,please do it stress out.
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    Peer Kathija896 days ago

    Thank u mam.......thanks for us answer which gave me hope.........but I have a blunt....Will my baby have down syndrome........baby movement is fine

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Question: Does anyone scan have echogenic focus on left ventricle during level 2 scan? Checked with radiologist and gynae both, they told nothing to worry as my other markers are negative. Still i am worried. Although i have to visit for fetal echo cardiography in this weekend. Please suggest if anyone have found this and what's the doctor opinion.
Answer: hi dear ! an echogenic focus is seen in the left ventricle of the heart. This is NOT a heart defect, it does NOT. change the function of the heart, and it does NOT cause heart disease. Usually the bright spot is a small calcium deposit and is a normal finding.hey do not cause problems for the baby. so dont worry with the help of the scans we can see the foci and also if the rest of the marker is negative then you dont have to worry about this one. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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Question: I don't remember my LMP..it was in November for sure but between 19-21st and I came to know I am pregnant 25th December.. I took a scan on 28th and they told the baby is less than 5 weeks..I took a beta hcg level test on that day and the value was more than 4000 and then again took a tws5 after 48 hrs and the value was double the rate more than 8000..is the baby growing fine?
Answer: Yes your baby is growing fine...the fact that your beta HCG increased by double. Also it's okay to forget LMP...Ur ultrasound scan will give you exact pregnancy age..like u said..your scan on 28th reflected your baby age as 5 weeks...so keep track through it . All the best!
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Question: I am 18 weeks pregnant..i took the anmoly scan on 14 of this month..the doctor told me that my placenta is placed posterior lowee margin 2cm away from the internal OS. Is this a serious issue..
Answer: Not at issue since u r placenta is placed on the lower side u need to take enough rest and not work much make sure u don't and take enough rest
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