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Question: I took scan on my 22nd week .......the scan impression was....ultrafocus in left ventricle.but the baby's heart rate is normal.they even took echo for baby that also was normal.but I'm always worried about this .i consulted many doctors .they told nothing to worry.but im afraid of my babies growth.but the movement is good.is this a great issue...pls answer my question

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Answer: Hi dear, It is called echo intracardiac focus.it is caused by mineralisation or small calcium deposits.it is usually not harmful but needs further examination in future scans.echogenic intracardiac focus is linked to a suspected cardiac malformation or may lead to a congenital heart defect at birth in some cases.However, the most worrisome effect that it may have is that it signals the presence of Down’s syndrome.so if doctor suspects any of such issues then you might need an aminocentesis.sibce your doctor gave green signal,please do it stress out.
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    Peer Kathija95 days ago

    Thank u mam.......thanks for us answer which gave me hope.........but I have a blunt....Will my baby have down syndrome........baby movement is fine

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Question: hello doc....i lost my 2 babies bcoz of low heart rate by the end of 4th month in my womb.before that their heart rate was normal. what is the reason of this congenital heart block?
Answer: Congenital heart block affects nearly about four to five percent of foetuses and it is a rare disease you cannot pinpoint a cause of a congenital heart block because it is hereditary. so if if you have heart diseases running in your family or your husband's family if your father or great grandparents had some issues with heart diseases then definitely this contributes in your genes if at all you were advised to do a test for down syndrome and trisomy 21 and 13 ,sometimes because of maternal autoimmune diseases congenital heart disease develop in foetus because of the maternal serum antibodies ,sometimes it is because of medications that you take during pregnancy without knowing that you are pregnant. so you cannot pin To one condition which can tell you why this has happened. here your probability of getting a third baby with a congenital heart block is 18%. also now the treatment of choice would be that you undergo fetal echocardiogram and Doppler flowmetry every week to ensure that your baby's heart is devoid of any structural defects also get your serum antibodies checked the test is known as Elisa . ask your gynecologist about the test . this test reports with detail about if at all your antibodies have started crossing the Placenta which will harm your baby's heart also get your blood group check if you are RH positive or RH negative also get your husband's blood group check if he is RH negative . ask your doctor about dexamethasone which is the treatment of choice for congenital heart block which is given 4 milligram and it is given prolonged in your pregnancy. if the birth defects are absolutely congenital that means has structural defects then pacemaker/ infant pacemaker is an option but firstly you must get these tests done to rule out whether the problem lies in your blood and serum also take your complete blood profile it is important to note whether your RBC and WBC are in proper proportion. do not worry. first identify the problem. take care
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Question: Hello,this is Anita..actually my question is what is the normal heart rate of baby during 6 week ? Please answer
Answer: Hello Anita , Normal hear rate baby ki 6 weeks Mai 90-110 beats per minute Hoti hai. Anita Aap is app par daily video and tips bhi check kar sakte hai usmai baht sare information milti hai and baht helpful Hoti hai. Aap Ko Apne baby ki regular growth ke bare Mai pata lagta rehta hai.. yaha live doctor session bhi hota hai so Aap vo bhi check kar sakte hai and doctor se puch sakte hai baby and Apne dono ke bare Mai. Mom chat group bhi hai yaha ap dusri mom's se chat kar sakte hai. So don't worry apko knowledge milti rahegi.
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Question: Man I am 5 week pregnant when consived that time too much stomach pain 34 days consulted doctor they told take scan 40 days than heart beat not started after two weeks come and take scan again but we can find heart beat in embryo plz answer my question
Answer: Hello Dear If you're only seven weeks, then that's normal. The fetal pole is a thickening on the margin of the yolk sac of a fetus during pregnancy. It is usually identified at 8 weeks with abdominal ultrasound imaging, and 7 weeks with vaginal ultrasound imaging. However it is quite normal for the fetal pole not to be seen and normal heart beat not to be audible until about 9 weeks. The heart usually starts beating some where in the 6th-8th week. So don't worry at all, just give it some time. Congrats on your pregnancy!
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Question: Hi,can any 1 answer my qtn im posting same question since morning im currently at 22nd week yestarday done with Tiffa scan reports shows baby weight is 474gms and heart rate is 163bpm is everything normal...?
Answer: Yes dear don't worry everything is normal. Good
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