16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I took iron folic acid tablets.. What are the points remember to get adequate iron absorption?

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Answer: Try to have the iron supplement with lemon water. Citric acid present in lemon increases iron absorption. And you can add some iron rich veggies in your diet like spinach, broccoli, beans, rajmah, almond, quinoa etc.
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Question: Are the folic acid, iron and calcium tablets are compulsory in 9th month also?
Answer: Hi dear congrats, Yes it very very important to have it through out your pregnancy. Don't skip or leave it unless your doctor suggests. Nowadays what food we have doesn't contain much nutrients and vitamins as most of them are either adulterated or full of pesticides and nonorganic. Take care
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Question: Vitamin d tab and folic acid iron tablets are taking me.. What are the points to remember while taking this tablets? Orange fruit is good for this time?
Answer: to absorb iron you need Vitamin D and that is why you are taking them together automatic gap of 6 hours at least to absorb calcium Vitamin C is required for orange fruit is good for you take it in between the meals as for supplements take them with the meals
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Question: Iron folic acid tablets to be cont...?
Answer: Hii dear u should keepniT continue till 9 month of pregnancy from the time u started before conceiving. In some cases moms do keeps on having till they are breastfeeding.
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