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Question: I took home pregnancy test it came what should i do

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Answer: Hello dear... After confirming your pregnancy with home pregnancy kit,it is better to consult doctor within a week,she will prescribe you folic acid tablet and your first sonography will take place during 6-8weeks,to detect fetal heart rate and position
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    Pragya P260 days ago

    you should visit doctor!

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Question: Hi, my lmp is jan-30 so i took home pregnancy test, it is positive. what should i have to do next?
Answer: Hi dear Congrats,do take a consultation with a gyanocologist for follow ups and another confirmation on blood take rest and take healthy diets....take care
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Question: my wife checked her pregnency test it came positive what procedure should i fallow next
Answer: Hi dear many congratulations to both of you so if the pregnancy test has become positive next thing what you both can do is to meet your wife's gynecologist you both can have a normal discussion about the pregnancy the gynecologist might also prescribed prenatal medicines for your wife to take but the first ultrasound or viability scan will happen between 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I did pregnancy test at home... It shows positive...what i should do next...and what precautions should take from now
Answer: Hello...As home pregnancy tests are 99% accurate's better to visit good gync ...she will do scan and blood test to confirm the will also be given folio acid and other medicines...don't lift any heavy objects...have good diet...don't have papaya n pineapple...
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Question: Hi last period was on 13th sept..i took a home pregnancy test on 16th october and it came out to be positive then i took the next test on 22nd october and it came out to be negative. I did not get my periods till now. Am i possibly pregnant or not? Should i take the test ones more?
Answer: Why you go for a home pregnancy test You can also do the kit pregnancy test go for it and then consult with your gyne
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