15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I took calcium and iron tablet at the same time...can it affect...

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Answer: Hi Do not take both tablets at same time..as calcium ll supress iron tablets effects if took at same time where medication goes effectless...do take atleast in 3-4 hours time interval for best result
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    Jagan M884 days ago

    Today afternoon i took both at same time ... actually i forgot to take at separate time.....today only i did this mistake....can it affect

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Question: Can I take iron and calcium tablet at same time?? Is it safe
Answer: Yes If your doctor has prescribed you can take safely both of them Drink lot of water Walk for some time after dinner Both are hard to digest and may cause constipation Take water boil with cumin and add ghee sugar and drink It is safe and helps in digestion
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Question: Can i take calcium and iron tablet at the same time?
Answer: If your gynecologist has prescribed you to take them, you may have them. Usually gynecologists advice pregnant women to have both calcium and iron tablets. There is no harm in it. Just see that they are given by your doctor
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Question: Can we take calcium and iron tablet at the same time aftr meal?
Answer: Hi deae plz don't take them together. As taking iron with calcium can let ur body not to absorb the iron. So always have gap of 2 hours of these medicines. Also have iron tablet with plain water.
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