2 months old baby

Question: I wnt to ask abt feeding....its vry painful for me to feeed my baby...who is two mnth old...i dnt pain is intrnl or extrnl...bt when baby latch my nipple its vry hurting

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Answer: Then I guess ur position of feeding ur baby is not correct. Adjust ur baby holding position and change the way of feeding like change from sitting to laying down side ways or use pillows to support feeding.
Answer: Express your milk when you feel its heavy with help of pump.apply nipcare cream on nipple, sometimes it happens and will go after two,three days.
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    Anonymous1000 days ago

    I am olrdy using nipcare...pain is frm strting of brth....but there is no rlief..

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    Mamta S1000 days ago

    Then you with cold and hot pack fermentation, may it work.

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Question: My baby is 23 days old bt she is nt taking breast feeding so can i use honey to mk her latch my nipple to start sucking ?
Answer: Hi dear plz don't use honey at all till baby will be above 1 year. It is common problem for new born baby to face latching problem .U can use nipole shield to make ur baby comfortable latching it and make sure to sterilise after and before use. I should also make sure to massage ur nipole 4 to 5 times a day as shield use should be temporary and u shouldn't use it regularly.
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Question: I wnt to ask abt my baby boy who is 5 week old ...nd he is suffring frm cold...plz advice me hw i can give him relief frm this..is this serious issue in this little age
Answer: Hello dear Treatment for cold and fever: 1.Elevate your baby's head to help ease breathing 2. Give plenty of liquids, including breast milk, formula and water. 3. Suction out nasal mucus using saline drops and a suction bulb. 4. Moisturize the air with a humidifier. 5. Place a cool, damp washcloth on your child's forehead while she rests Don't worry, as ur baby is small so Easily get affected with viruses and bacteria.
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Question: My nipple is hurting when my baby is feeding.. what should i do???
Answer: You can use nipple shield. It is available in medical stores. Using nipple shield doesn't cause pain.
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