4 months old baby

Question: I think my bby has got lice. what to do m so worried. may b I too got that...

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Answer: Try to trim your baby's hair. Keep it short. It will be difficult for to maintain the baby hair if there are lice. Please dont pluck or co,b the lice from the baby hair. This can hurt the baby.
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    Meena Chettri755 days ago

    we can't cut his hair till he is 3 years olf

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Question: My baby has lice . What to do?
Answer: Hi dear, To get rid of lice,you can soak a damp towel in vinegar,and wrap it around baby head for 10 minutes,take a lice comb and brush it out.repeat the process.you also get neem oil ,powder some camphor and apply it in baby scalp.leave it for 30minutes and wash it off with baby shampoo.and again comb baby hair with lice comb.
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Question: Hi.. i have got fungal infection in my private part .. i applied candid b cream also it has not reduced what to do i m worried. I m breast feeding bby.. tell ma solution
Answer: hi dear fungal infections may happen sometimes to some ladies a so I don't need to get penny please wash your private area after every urination you could use hot water this helps to cure so you can also use dettol or v wash solution to wash your private area this also helps to get rid of infections
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Question: Hello all, What to do if baby has lice? My daughter has got lice from outside and I don't want to cut her hair.Is there any other way to remove lice? Please help
Answer: Give a gentle massage to your baby hair with warm oil Let it to air free for about 15-20 mins Use special lice comb to brush your hair Try to comb from root to tip of hair Then rinse hair with any baby shampoo Use soft cloth to remove excess water Let your baby hair dry on it's own Brush your baby hair again with lice comb Repeat this for about twice a week to see result
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Question: Good evening all. I m 7 weeks pregnant. Currently i m taking duphaston and micabal plus. Now I m having mouth ulcers. May b its due to taking medicine. M worried what to do so that it wont happend
Answer: Hi dear Sometimes this happens because when you have allergic with medicines and it might cause mouth also so try to take more than the coconut water and fresh juices are you can also take coconut milk everyday which helps to heal the mouth ulcer very soon so please drink at least 3 to4 litres of water per day
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