4 months old baby

Question: I think my bm is not sufficient for my baby can i use formula. Which formula milk is good

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Answer: Yes dear, u can feed both formula milk as well as breastmilk to ur baby. There is nothing harm in it. If u see that u are not able to feed ur baby as u are not getting sufficient milk then u can start giving ur baby formula milk which also contains same nutrients which mother milk have. But it would be good if u breastfeed ur baby till 6 months.
Answer: You can start Similac. It's food for baby growth and development.
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Question: My baby is one week old i think my milk is not sufficient . Can i opt for any formula milk ? Which one is good ? Please suggest
Answer: Breast milk is the healthiest milk Fresh baby so you should focus on increasing your breast milk supply instead of introducing formula milk. start drinking jeera water throughout the day it will help you a lot because it is a miraculous formula for increasing breast milk supply also stay stress free.
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Question: My breast milk is not sufficient to my baby..can i use formula milk with out consulting doctor...which formula milk is good nan pro or lactozen
Answer: You can not.. Only BM is good for baby.. If, you'll give both to baby, it'll get harder to digest for baby.. You should increase bm by taking protien rich diet as well as you can take Shtaavari with milk..
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Question: My baby weight is too less. Can I start formula milk now, I think bm is not sufficient for him. Which formula milk is best. Please suggest
Answer: Hi dear,yes u can start..many r there like lactogen,similac..all r good choose any of them..
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