22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I taken yesterday anomaly scan there the baby position is intrauterine what is it mean plz help

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Answer: Early intrauterine pregnancy is the medical term for saying there is a first trimester sized baby seen in the uterus (womb). It's just a description of yourpregnancy. It's not a problem.
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Question: 6th mnth started frm yesterday,in my anomaly scan my placenta position is Anterior.Gradeo.... wht its mean? is it normal
Answer: Like baby placenta also acquires different position during pregnancy. Anterior placenta means that placenta is attached to the uterus wall towards your abdomen area. There is no harm to this position only downside is that you won't feel much of your baby's movement.
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Question: In my anomaly scan there is written placenta is fundoanteriorly. What does it mean??? Is there any complication??
Answer: right place. fundal anterior placenta means that the placenta is located on the front wall of the uterus towards to top of the uterus. it indicates that fertilised egg found the right place in the uterus to implant.
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Question: yesterday I took my anomaly scan in that report the baby position is breech it is good position or not
Answer: Hi dear congrats, Don't worry. Still you have so much time for delivery, baby will turn down. Do some exercises by taking doctors suggestion. Take care
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