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Question: I suffered from miscarriage and did dnc on 13th Feb. So now when shud I start with my next cycle and thr won't be any complications for conceiving next.

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Answer: Hi..tge chances of getting pregnant after DNC s there are chances for immediate conception so find out the cause for miscarriage to avoid it in case you are planning for pregnancy.. if no means you can get hormonal pills from your gynaevologist to prevent need physical rest now and don't carry weight things that will make you much tired and stressed...after DNC you will get menses as per your cycle regularly..its better to take care your health first and try to get pregnant after 2 3 months..take care and stay healthy...
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    Tanvi Shah31 days ago

    Kk thanks

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    Tanvi Shah29 days ago

    I m planning for pregnancy

Answer: Mostly doctor saying afté six month of miscarrage you next concieve
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Answer: Hello dear, I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. You should give your body rest. Keep a gap of 1 month before starting physical activity and at least 2 months before planning for next baby. Take care!
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Question: On 13th feb I had d&c due to missed abortion... when will I expect my next period... still now we are not trying for baby.. when will we start to trying for baby
Answer: hi dear, your period should come within 3 months. You should wait for atleast 1 regular period then you can try for conception.
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Question: I had my d and c on 13th feb... when will I expect my period... now I am having white discharge for 1 week... is this any problem
Answer: Hi dear it do take 4 to 6 week to get ur period back so don't worry and also don't plan preg6 for next 3 to 4 months and before planning do consult doctor. To get go ahead.
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