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Question: I suffer from constipation very often, I drink lots of water but still I keep on getting this problem. I do not face too much issue because of it but just that I dont feel hungry. Can you suggest some food to help me.

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Answer: Hi dear, it is good that you are taking good amount of water everyday. Water helps in improving the symptom of constipation. Actually, apart from water you should also drink lot of fruits that has fibre in it. I also suffer from constipation and thats how I know about these fibre fruits and all. I feel that they are helpful for me. You can try eating these fruits too. You can eat fruits like oranges, banana, dry fruits like almonds. Add saag items in your food like spinach saag, methi saag. Sometimes what I do is I mix spinach in my regular dal and cook them together. You can also make a similar dal with bottleguard. It tastes good and does not take much time also. Things life feenel, amla and ajwain water are good for digestion even ginger. Eat them like mouth freshner whenever you get time. And dear one very important thing pleas go for walk or some other exercise becuase many times when you have less movement this constipation happens. Take care dear.
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    Smritilata Roy38 days ago

    Don't take painkiller medicine and antibiotic unnecessarly, and follow the above,

Answer: Eat fibre foods and have warm milk before sleeping Also make habit of bowel
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