19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i still suffer from vomiting.. what should I do

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Answer: Sometimes the simplest remedies can prove quite useful to help with excessive vomiting. You may like to try some of these ideas:  Take your breakfast in bed before you actually get up and start your day.Eat several small meals a day if you can and avoid an empty stomach. Include some protein in your diet, such as well cooked eggs, dairy products, lean meats, beans, whole grains, pulses and seeds.Stay away from heavy and greasy foods. Have a teaspoon of ground cumin (jeera) seeds when you feel nauseous, it might help. Read more aboutnatural remedies for nausea.Figure out the smells and sights that aggravate this state and avoid them.Drink lots of water and other fluids between meals instead of during meals. It might help to take small sips regularly rather than large gulps in one go.Homeopathic medicine may work for some, speak to your doctor for more advice.Try having a spoon of ginger (adrak) juice mixed with honey (shahad) every morning. You could also try some ginger or lemon (nimbu) tea. Slices of lemon added to sparkling water or iced tea can also help provide some relief. Check out our healthy andalcohol-free drinks for pregnant women.
Answer: Mem pls rply 4 month chal raha h achanak stomach m bhot pain hora h reason
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Question: On my 7 th month..i still suffer from vomiting issue..what to do?
Answer: Hi dear, I am so sorry to hear your situation.i know some women having nausea throughout pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting as we know is quite common in pregnancy especially in 1st trimester.but some women can get in 2nd trimester and some continue till delivery.the pregnancy hormones to be blamed.but also depends on each body.many donot even get any nausea the entire pregnancy.how lucky!.no need to worry much about your own weight,your baby will be safe and can get nutrients from your saved storage. You can help yourself during nausea by following the tips: 1- eat smaller meals.but eat frequently.as the digestion process slows down due to the growth of baby,eating smaller meals puts less stress to stomach 2- eat non spicy food and eating nuts can releave nausea 3- stay away from caffeine.it triggers nausea 4- eat less salt in food to avoid bloating 5- sniff lemon it refreshes the air around you 6- eating cold food sometimes prevent nausea by not triggering the intense smell of food 7- chew ginger and ajwain 8-drink plenty of water 9-take rest to calm your body 10-If nothing helps,take anti nausea meds,consult your doctor for that.
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Question: I feel like suffer from worms what should i do
Answer: Hi pinworm or threadworm infection is better treated with medicines as compared to home remedies, since these can take a long time to be effective, but are comparatively safe in pregnancy. Taking of few garlic,cloves  and consuming it with vegetables or salads, can reduce the pinworms from causing any discomfort. maintaining hygiene can keep them away from you in the first place.Clean your toothbrush after every use and keep it in a closed space.Clean your house regularly and avoid having meals in bedrooms.Choose an underwear that fits you snugly and change it at least two times in a day.Use hot water to wash your clothes with some disinfectant.Avoid scratching your anal area constantly.Stay away from public toiletyouut your nails regularly to avoid infections from staying there.Keep your ands clean by washing them as frequently as possible.Presence of pinworms or threadworms in pregnancy can be irritating for women. But it does not cause any risk for the baby. Home remedies can help you get temporary relief and you can treat them effectively once and for all after you deliver your child.
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Question: I am still suffering from vomiting and sickness in 14 weeks. What should I do?
Answer: Try Changing Eating Patterns. For morning nausea, eat toast, cereal, crackers, or other dry foods before getting out of bed. Eat cheese, lean meat, or other high-protein snack before bedtime. Sip fluids, such as clear fruit juices, water, or ice chips, throughout day. ...
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