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Question: I still look pregnant after three months of delivery

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Answer: Hii Now u can take care of ur diet and do regular exercise and yoga. but make sure to do exercise and yoga after 6 Months of delivery 1) u Need to stay patience and positive about ur body and regime to loose weight. It took long time to gain so do losing .  2) breastfeed ur baby. 3) give sometime to u related to own personal time for visiting spa Parlour suana.  4) eat high carb and low fat diets.  5) drink lots of water.  6) do kengel exercises. 7) use tummy binding method to reduce tummy.  8) Reverse Crunches for flat belly Lie on your back, raise your legs, bent from knee & pull them towards chest as shown Start with 20 per day, increase 10 per 15 days Benefits: reduces abdominal fat, tones hips & thigh muscles 9) Sit on chair, with straight spine. relaxed shoulder & hands besides you Inhale deeply & exhale slowly, while exhaling bring your legs pwards such that knees comes closer to chest Hold this for 5 seconds & relax  Do it 10 times a day Benefits: reduces belly fat, tonnes thigh muscles & arms muscles 10) u can also do a continuous exercise like crunches, reverse Crunch's,vertical legs crunches, rolling plank exercise, side crunch, twist crunch, lunge twist, bicycle exercise and stomach vacuum.
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Question: After three months of ceasarian delivery still vaginal discharge continue.. is this normal
Answer: Hello! In such case please consult the doctor. It should ideally not last more than 45 days. But since it is already 3 months, please consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: I did not gain weight in three months but look like 5 months pregnant why so
Answer: In first trimester you won't get wait dear because nausea,vomiting,and morning sickness.. In 4th month you will start gaining the wait.... Look like 5months pregnant because of gas, bloating.. There are several changes happening in your body right now.
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Question: Hello....I have c section before two months. Still i look lik 9 month pregnant.How to reduce tummy after delivery?
Answer: Hello.. Dear weight gain is normal in pregnancy, give your body some time to get back into shape, follow these steps, it will helpful in reducing tummy... Exclusive breastfeeding till six months Include more veggies and fruits in your diet, avoid oil, fried foods Go for healthy snack option like dry fruits, makhana.. Start wearing tummy belt Drink 2 to 3 litre water daily Start exercising but after six months, slowly start with walking then go for mild exercise, yoga will help a lot
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Question: How to I loose my weight after c section after three months of delivery
Answer: A woman giving birth is a difficult subject in a woman's life. After pregnancy, the mother's weight does not decrease so easily. Especially in Caesarean, it takes a lot of time to reduce belly fat and bring it back to its former condition. But reducing the fat of any type of stomach is not very easy and the condition becomes more difficult when the Caesar. Because standard abdominal exercise cannot be done. However, alternate ways to reduce fat after cesarean fat. Let's know some things: 1. The best way to lose weight after the C section is to breastfeed the baby. The child should breastfeed for six months only. With this, your fat excess fat will be reduced. 2. The first six months after delivery are very important. At this time, pregnancy hormones travel and all fat in the body is loosened. Weight loss is very difficult if this fat condensation becomes tight. Start some common exercises, such as walking. 3. If you want to reduce stomach fat, you only have to go after belly without having to eat, sleep, and go to the washroom. Although it is a lot of annoying, you definitely will get good results. 4. The best way to reduce stomach fat after the C section is to bathe. The stomach muscles are strong in it. 5. Water protects the fluid balance in the body. You may be surprised to hear that the water helps to remove excess fat from the intestine. So drink plenty of water every day. This will require less hunger and fill the stomach. 6. If you give milk to the baby, carbohydrate is needed for excess energy. Besides, protein, fruits, and vegetables must be eaten. But refrain from eating ghee, butter and sweet. 7. Healthy foods do not have a strong desire to eat. So eat healthy food. So do not be starving. This will cause harm to you and your child. After a cesarean operation, you can not do heavy exercises for a few days. So do not be frustrated to think that the previous status will not be returned. Be patient. Take the matter positively and try. You can reduce the stomach fat.
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