5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I spotted light brown discharge stretching small amount...my pregnancy test is positive 2times...m I pregnant??

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Answer: Yes dear..u are pregnant..u should go for an ultrasound next week to confirm. Spotting is usually normal in oregnancy and not something to be concerned of
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Answer: u can also take blood test for confirming hcg test
Answer: u can also take blood test for confirming hcg test
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Question: Today I m having some brown discharge . Is this normal ?
Answer: Hi mild spotting is normal in early pregnancy till 12-13 weeks.but better to visit doctor once if it is continuous.you might need progesterone supplementation to prevent further problems.be on rest, make sure that you should not strain at washroom, avoid travelling and intercourse and not to lift weights more than 5kg.take care
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Question: Hii, I test for pregnancy with prega news. There is light pink line. But I have brown discharge from last 3 days. What can I do
Answer: When your period miss by 10 days than only you should do pregnancy test . If 2 dark pink line appear than you are pregnant .
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Question: Hi m'am, My period date was 28 April but I didn't get my period on that day. From second day I got brown discharge with light bleeding when pass urine. is it implantation bleeding? When should I test pregnancy?
Answer: Yes,,that could be implantation bleeding...u can wait for 1 more week and check for Pregnancy test.
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