18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I slipped down in bathroom today but there is no abdominal pain or bleeding till now...is everything normal with my baby????plz reply

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Answer: Even I had slipped in my second trimester birth baby is always protected in fluid so don't worry I am sure the baby is not hurt just relax I hope you are better take a warm compress if it's hurting you
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    Monalisha Panda293 days ago

    Thnk u mam.... I got relax with ur words

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Question: I am very sleepy , tired but neither nausea nor vomiting till now... Is everything ok with my baby?
Answer: Yes, I too faced the same situation..Every pregnancy story is different .some face severe nausea,some feel tiredness ,some does not face any symptoms..
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Question: What happens if my hemoglobin level doesn't increase till my delivery... It is now 9.6 ...and m having everything which improves blood but there is no improvement...
Answer: Eat fruits and protein rich diet dear it will help you out drink fruit juices
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Question: My baby head is in right side.today my doctor given pains table but there is no pain she will give another dosage after 6hr.Is that position of the baby is for normal delivery is ok or not plz reply me
Answer: Yes it is ok for normal delivery if there is not any other complications
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