34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i slipped and fell down slowly on my back.. is it ok. baby movement are also there

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Answer: hi dear don't worry don't pause much problem but be careful as you are very close to the laber these kind of problems main cause of stress and certain vibration is so please be careful when you walk and also when you walk on the water wet area as of now you can you hot water compression or you can take warm water bath that would help to relieve from the pain
Answer: Hi.. Dear it is ok if you are not feeling unusual.. But be careful from next time.. However, inform your gynaecologist about it, when you will go for a visit.. There is no harm in getting yourself checked once..
Answer: Hi dear, If you don't have any sharp pain or bleeding issues then nothing to worry, next time be careful.
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Question: I slipped n fell down bt have normal baby movement is it fine its my 23 week
Answer: Hello, Falling is the one thing pregnant women must be most cautious of and are pretty much scared of. But an accidental fall during pregnancy which can be both alarming and dangerous is not uncommon.If you are not badly hurt yourself due to the fall, the chances are less for your baby to get hurt. This is because he is well protected with Amniotic fluid which acts as a cushion,Amniotic sac Thick and masculine wall of the uterus Abdominal fats,Abdominal muscles.
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Question: I slipped and fell down lying on my sides of the stomach does it harm my baby
Answer: Hi. Yes it can. Best would be to see your doctor. As soon as possible. Also trybto feel.babies kick if baby ia moving fine then there should not be any problem.
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Question: I have slipped from 2 steps of stairs but didn't fell down. Is my baby ok?
Answer: Hi. Please monitore your babies kick. If baby is kicking and moving well dont worry. If baby is not kicking go to your doctor.
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