23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I skip meals mainly dinner coz of fights wd Husband.Will it affect baby ??

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Answer: You have to take proper meal as your baby is dependable about you, any worries should have hamper your own schedule. If you feel hungry your baby would also feel hungry. If you take care of yourself then only baby will be good.
Answer: Please avoid it. You can't Starve your baby
Answer: Yes. Don't do that
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Question: I don't feel hungry at the dinner time, many times i skip dinner because of that, is it fine?
Answer: Dear Dont skip dinner as it is not good for baby. U should have proper food in pregnancy as it is very necessary for the growth and development of baby. If u are empty stomach then it can cause acidity.
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Question: M suffering from frequent stomach ache and gases as i often skip meals.. Is it dangerous ?
Answer: Acidity is completely common in pregnancy,Do not panic if you have it. The following home remedies will help u get rid of Acidity Eat food at frequent intervals (Around 5 times a day) , Do not keep a huge gap between 2 meals.. Drink plenty of water. Have ginger water and buttermilk. Have jeera /saunf Drink coconut water tooo.. These tips should help relieve acidity
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Question: What will happen if i skip dinner and breakfast
Answer: Hello... Dear in pregnancy, you should not skip having food, it may leads to nutritional defiency, so please have a nutrious diet will be helpful for healthy baby
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