35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I shall complete my 8th in 4 more days but till now breasts are saggy . Actually in my first delivery I had white milk kind of discharge from nipples by this time.. but in second delivery I'm not experiencing the same. Please some one help me. I'm posting questions but nobody is helping...please someone help me answering...

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Question: I m kind of confused on frequency of baby movements.. i heard baby should move alot in 8th month but for me its comparatively lil less.. baby does move now also but mostly after I eat and usually also but baby was more active in before months.. in these days also a day baby is active and few days slows down.. but peoples questions are confusing me.. so please help guys..
Answer: As you are moving towards the due date baby will grow faster and you will have less space in Tummy. baby movements will definitely be intense but not frequently. when you eat or drink yes baby starts kicking hard. also when you sleep baby start kicking. when you stand or work baby won't kick much. So it's pretty normal condition. you just count the total movements in a day and it should be atleast 10.
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Question: I'm 9th week pregnant.. I had spotting in 6th week.. After that I started my progesterone,in 6th week I did one early pregnancy test then my corpus leteum was absent.. Again in 8th week I did that test,report is same. I'm working but now I'm on leave. Is my pregnancy is very risky?shall I take complete bed rest?
Answer: You have to take doctor's advice on this. If it's serious then complete bed rest is required to safeguard pregnancy
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Question: Please help me. My baby was born on 19th Jan, and till today I am not been able to feed her. My nipples being bigger in size, baby not been able to suck nipples. I don't even know if my nipples are producing milk or not. But they have started leaking transparent discharge and breasts have became hard. what to Do, please help me
Answer: DO Dailly breast-feeding and breast massage and use of nipple sheild
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