6 months old baby

Question: I see blood stains in baby's motion ?? Why is this ?? Please suggest to overcome this

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Answer: Dear, I alreadyreplied your similar query please check once. Hope it will help.
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Question: I have one month baby.. His motion is very watery. Y this loose motion to infants.. Wat is the problem.. How to cure it.. Please help
Answer: Hii Dear the baby who s depened on milk nd pass 10 times poop in 1 day its normal .but more than 10 timrs is a seaaonal or stomatch infection .so dear consult to ur dr nd give medicine aa she suggest u give bf after 2 2 hours to ur baby .give ors after every loose motion Eat more foods containing starch. Starchy foods are easily digested during diarrhea. ...Drink extra water. Avoid all fruit juices and carbonated drinks.Milk and milk products are fine.Avoid beans or any other foods that cause loose stools.
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Question: I see blood stains in baby's motion. Why is this ??please suggest remedy for this ??
Answer: There could be two possible reasons of blood stains in babies washing baby has a very tight motion that causing rectal chair while passing motion. To avoid this you can apply coconut oil or Vaseline Jelly on babies rectum before passing motion. if baby is getting soft motions still blood is coming then it indicates infection which need immediate medical attention.
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Question: My baby's nose remain blocked at night and unblocked during daytime, what am i supposed to do in order to overcome this problem?
Answer: Reduce the fan speed and don't put in front of fan
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