9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I saw we can eat pineapple 🍍 some people say we should not eat it we can eat are shouldn't eat

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Answer: Hi dear u can eat it in moderate qty as it contains bromaine which can led to miscarriage if taken in high qty. Some of the pregnant women avoid haVing it in thier pregnancy period.
Answer: No you should not vaccinate after your baby is clear of cold u can vaccinate ur baby
Answer: No that is not a problem no need to worry it is normal while pregnancy
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Question: Can I eat brinjal. Some people say that we should avoid eating brinjal in pregnancy. What are the other things one should avoid eating during this time.
Answer: Hello dear, brinjal can be eaten in moderation during pregnancy... but brinjal generate internal heat during pregnancy... which can cause complication... So it is best to consult with your doctor before including it as a part of your regular diet...
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Question: Can we eat banana in pregnancy?? Because some people say that we must not eat banana in this time so..
Answer: Hi dear, Banana bohat hi achcha and safe fruit hai pregnancy me.it is rarely allergic.sugar level maintain rakhta hai,Saath hi bohat nutrient rich hai.aap banana shake daily pi Sakti hai.but sugar avoid Kare,as banana me sufficient fructose rehta hai,Jo naturally sweet hota hai.banana,me potassium hota hai,Jo apke BP ko bhi control karta hai.magnesium se mood uplift hota hai.ye easy to digest fruit hai,Saath hi constipation Jaise problems Ka bhi hal hai.milkshake ke through aapko calcium bhi mil jata hai.aap chahe toh usme Kuch dryfruits bhi add Kar Sakti hai. Äap regularly healofy app ko follow kare,Uske daily tips aur baby growth and development ko padhe.post pregnancy,baby diet and mother diet along with baby care ke kaafi information app me rehtey hai.donot miss out!
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Question: I wish to eat brinjal can I eat. Some people say should not eat i have not eaten since last seven months can I eat once.
Answer: Brinjal causes your body to generate a lot of internal heat which can cause complications in your pregnancy dear...so it's best to avoid it dear...and not take chances..
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