40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii i saw a red spot in d morning. Wt does it indicate?

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Answer: You hav started ur labor symptoms pls get hospitalised asap
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    Zabin khan326 days ago

    It may be becz of infection..

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Question: My baby has a big red spot on her head..what does that indicate?
Answer: Hi, it can be a birth mark or some nerves formation under the skin. It is little difficult to say anything now. You can just once consult the doctor to check if it is fine.
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Question: hii today i saw a red spot on my panty everything is okk or not???
Answer: Hi, it could be serious, keep on eyes, if you find again then immediately consult your gynoclosit.
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Question: I observed white discharge spot , does it indicate something ?
Answer: Hello mom It is normal to have white discharge during first trimester of pregnancy so you don't need to worry don't do heavy work keep your body cool drink more water and fluid items we can also take aloe vera juice juice also helps you to keep bodies temperature cool .
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Question: Hi.. i saw a red blood spot on my petticoat... Why is it so.
Answer: Go to your gynecologist as soon as possible. That's not a good sign to have at 31st week.
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