35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I saw a little reddish vaginal discharge... What does it mean?

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Answer: Hello dear, spotting is common during pregnancy... There's no need to worry.... This is either white discharge mixed with blood or your mucus plug coming off slowly... however get yourself examined by the doctor if you're worried....
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Question: I have reddish discharge today .what does it mean?
Answer: Dear as you are in your 38 week so it can be your mucus plug and pains can happen anytime now..
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Question: I saw jelly like vaginal discharge at 6th month pregnancy..what does it mean
Answer: Hi dear, discharge is creamy white dan it's ok but if the vaginal discharge is green or yellowish, strong smelling, and/or accompanied by redness or itching, you may have a vaginal infection
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Question: I am having thick reddish discharge n little stomch n back pain from last night..what does it mean ?
Answer: Ur labour has started... n u need to go to d hospital right away
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