35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I saw a dream today that I delivered tortoise instead of a baby what does this dream mean as this is the only dream I saw in my entire pregnancy

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Answer: Please do not overthink...it is just a dream...just relax..m
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    TUHINA SHARMA955 days ago

    I am relaxed just wanted to know is there any reason of this dream

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Answer: Hello Am happy to help you Please do not believe in any old myths and harm yourself. This is crucial time take proper rest and food enjoy your time. If my answer is helpful please give thumbs up thanks
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Answer: dream and reality can never be true ... you can dream something and make it real but you cannot expect your dream to happen the same way as it was....bcoz reality cant be changed .... if you are expecting that you may be pregnant and you have missed your period then you mean proceed with your checking ... you may wait for one week or if you are on a regular cycle then you can check your pregnancy immediately after you miss your period .. stay positive don't get emotional ..your dreams cannot change your reality . so go ahead and check your pregnancy if your period is late ..
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Answer: Hi! Please do not fall these speculations and myths, no such symptom has been proven till date, and even if it has happened with people is out of sheer coincidence and nothing else. Good luck!
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