10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hllo . I remove the bra while sleeping at night but when in morning I wake up I have a lot of pain in breast . Wt's the reason ? Is it normal ?

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Answer: Hi dear, Breast pain is quite common in pregnancy due to hormonal fluctuations.not to worry, although I understand how painful it gets,as I experienced too in my pregnancy.it usually subsides in 2 Nd trimester.but might relapse in third trimester.depenfs on each body.
Answer: It's may be because of development of your size.. do not wory it's normal. But if you have over pain than do consult doctor once.
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Question: Hi i m 8 weeks pregnant and my breast feel very heavy if i touch i also feel the pain.. my pain increased when i wake up in the morning and i dnt wear bra at night...
Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely fine if you do not wear and inner at night it is not needed and it is very normal and natural for 8 weeks pregnant mother to feel this way the breasts might feel heavy and painful these are happening due to the hormonal activities in your body at this moment which might take some time to settle down within a couple of weeks it will be gone and you will feel much better but if it is bothering you too much then you can just take a warm towel and compress your breasts for few seconds .. Hope this helps!
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Question: How to wake up baby in the night while sleeping
Answer: Hello! If you want to wake the baby for feed, then try rubbing your nipples on the lips of the baby. You will find the baby taking the nipples and sucking it. Or else you can you can tinkle the baby under the feet or behind the ear. This also works for waking up the baby. Take care.
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Question: When I wake up by sleeping at night, there is trouble in getting up and pain in the waist
Answer: Same with me. Do some wrist exercises. Moving them in circular motion
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