34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I recently started having itching on my hands and legs and reported this to doctor she suggested having liver function test. My report was with Alkaline phosphatase in serum to be 216U/L. Gynae has suggested udiliv 300 twice a day. Please tell me if it's safe medicine during pregnancy.

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Answer: yes dear.. it is safe.. i also took this 1.5 month.. now i m in best condition
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Question: In my liver function test report, serum alkaline phosphatase value increasing continuously. It is 277 now. What should i do to reduce it. TIA
Answer: Elevated alkaline phosphatase levels of two to four times normal late in pregnancy are not a reason for concern. Serum alkaline phosphatase activity levels increase in late pregnancy, mainly during the third trimester. It will come back to normal range once you get your baby delivered
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Question: mere liver function test me alkaline phosphates 155 u/l aaya hai and sgot/ast-48 iu/l and ldh serum test result 406u/l hai ...kya ye normal hai?? pls. answer
Answer: Apko ye test kyo bola karvane ko..mujhe bhi bola hai
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Question: hi due to rashes and itching on my belly..doctor suggested me for urine test and liver function test..urine test report says leukocyte 47.8 epithelial cell 21.2..and liver function test report says total protein 6.1 and serum albumin 3.4...what does it indicate..
Answer: These are medical terms dear. you should have asked the doctor are there any serious issues regarding the report. Itching is common during pregnancy dear. Itching Remedy - do your best not to scratch because it can irritate your skin further and increase the risk of skin infections. If you're itching because of dry, stretched skin, these simple measures can give you relief: 1.Apply ice or Put an ice pack or a cool, wet compress on itchy areas for five to 10 minutes, or until the itch fades. 2. take some coconut oil. warm it up and put some aloe vera pulp. After 5-10minutes apply it and after 1/2 an hour clean it. You can also store it an can apply whenever u want. 3. Moisturise.
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Question: Hi I am 35 weeks pregnant. I have doen my liver function test. All report are ok but my Alkaline Phosphatase iis 220.79 u/l. Is anything to worry???
Answer: ALP levels normally rise in late pregnancy, this lab test is not diagnostic alone for liver problems; bilirubin, AST and ALT increases have more diagnostic value for liver disease in pregnancy
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