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Question: I recently met with an abortion 5 months back so when will i be suitable to get pregnant again.

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Answer: Dear if you have started to get ur regular periods you can start planning now. Actually ur gynae would have told you if you had to wait more if she hasn't said anything you can start planning. Hope it helps.
Answer: After 2 3 mnths u cn try
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Question: When will i try to get pregnant after abortion....i had an abortion in 6 july...plz guide me
Answer: Sorry dear!! Please take rest for some time dear. Plan according to ovulation dear you get results fast Generally ovulation occurs from 14 to 26 days from the day of periods If you want to know exactly you need to order ovulation kit It's a urine test You have to maintain a record of the strips you used to test The day when it's the darkest is the day you gave ovulated dear You can plan on that day Position also is very important for getting results soon Missionary position,doggy style are some examples to conceive fast dear Drink coffee especially black coffee helps a lot All the best dear
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Question: After abortion when can i get pregnant again
Answer: Hello dear Your period will likely return within six weeks; however, it's possible to become pregnant if you have sex before your period returns. Once you feel ready for pregnancy after miscarriage, ask your doctor for guidance. As u have abortion, ur doctor might recommend testing to determine any underlying issues, as well as possible treatments, before attempting another pregnancy.
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Question: Can i get pregnant 2 months after an abortion?
Answer: Hello dear. Ideally a gap of 3 months should be kept after an abortion so that your body is healed and ready to conceive by then. I would recommend waiting for another month and then start trying. Hope it helps.
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