33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I recently had urine culture and urine routine test. My culture reports are normal but urine routine shows 20-25 pus cells. Please let me can this impact , its my 33 week of pregnancy.

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Answer: You have infection in the urine report,drink more water..if available drink cranberry juice..please visit doctor you might have to start antibiotic
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Question: My urine test shows presence of 6-8 pus cells. Now dr has given it for urine culture...Pleaze guide.....What if culture comes out to be positive
Answer: Hi..pus cells in urine indicates infection ma..dont panic..it happens sometimes in pregnancy..some are more sensitive and prone to infections very quickly..try to keep your environment clean and healthy...keep your private parts clean,wash it every time with hot water&antiseptics if you feel itchy consult with doctor..stay positive nothing to worry and don't stress urself its treatable..
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Question: I had done my urine routine test in that found out 8-10 pus cells and bacteria present,what are the solution for this please help
Answer: Drink more water up to 3_4 ltrs nd keep ur vaginal area clean by using use hot water..
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Question: Hi doctor...i just received my blood and urine reports...blood reports are fine. Urine albumin - traces and pus cells - 25-30 and epithelial cells 20-25..is this something to worry about
Answer: Hi dear, normally pus cells should be around 1 to 2 or nil. 25 to 30 is high. It shows that you might have urinary tract infection. You should drink lot of water. And consult your doctor they may suggest you antibiotics if needed.
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