2 months old baby

Question: I often feel hungry due to breastfeeding.. Is there any healthy snack to overcome hunger?

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Answer: They say (dry figs) Anjeer is good specially during the first trimester .. it helps to overcome hunger and have other advantages too... but you hv to be careful on the limit.. you shouldn't consume more than 5 a day.. and shouldn't be had all at onces.. i think u should jst have one to be careful.. but Please ask your gyno or an Elderly women who has years of experience with pregnancy and pregnant womens. . I am nit a mother yet.. i was going through what dried foods are good for women who are pregnant.. it was one article in first cry...
Answer: Hi Dear! During breastfeeding u feel hungry and thats normal too, its always better to avoid junk or fast food and eat healthy, u can munch on makhana or lotus seeds, a handful of nuts, murmura or a whole fruit etc. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hello dear... Excessive hunger is common while breastfeeding as it consumes energy.. try snacks like mkhana, and methi laddoo, boiled eggs white, palak paranthe.. as it is important to control our weight too...
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Question: Y do i feel hungry often?
Answer: It's not uncommon to feel hungry all the time in pregnancy . The first trimester is an odd combination of feeling ravenous and nauseated, all at the same time. The second trimester usually brings welcome relief from morning sickness, but it can also be a time of insatiable hunger. You have a growing life inside you that needs nutrients to create bone, muscle, and other tissues.
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Question: I feel hungry so often. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear. Yes this is quiet common. Some women notice their appetite increases as soon as the first trimester of pregnancy. However most feel an insatiable hunger during the second trimester, around the time that morning sickness ends. It would settle down. Take care.
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Question: He is feeling hungry after an hour and at night not sleep properly due to hunger.
Answer: Dear you have to check if your milk supply is enough or not. Also baby is 7 months so you should give some semi solid food to baby to stay full tummy for long time. You can also introduce formula milk to baby.
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