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Question: I observed a light brown discharge on 31st december and 1st of nov, later on a thick white discharge and now today morning i observed again the light brown discharge I'm also having pregnancy symptoms. What it means My lmp was nov 25th also done upt which was negative

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Answer: hi dear! so you please get a blood beta hcg done dear so that we can confirm your pregnancy dear. urine pregnancy test is not a reliable source dear as it can come false negative or positive sometimes. so get this test done. it will detect beta hcg in your blood. so if the value of beta hcg is more than 25-50 it can be more than 1000 as well dont worry it will confirm the pregnancy but if the value is less than 5 it means there is no pregnancy dear.this test is more reliable than the urine pregnancy test dear. for this test you dont require fasting. you can go directly. take care! i hope this information was helpful!
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    sirisha akella353 days ago

    Thank you for your help but today i got period

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Question: My lmp was on 20 December..i am having pcod also.. my UPT is negative.... What should i do now..
Answer: Hello dear. If it has been more than 15 days since your periods are missing consulting gynae would be my suggestion as the delay could be due to pcos. Hope it helps.
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Question: PV test is done on Monday post that i observed white and brown thick discharge from vegina and abdominal pain is this is safe
Answer: dont worry dear, It’s common to have more vaginal discharge in pregnancy. It’s usually harmless, and not that different from the discharge that you had before you were pregnant. There’s just more of it. It’s a mild or musky-smelling, milky fluid that keeps your vagina clean and helps to prevent infection. Vaginal discharge comes from your cervix, which is the neck of your womb (uterus). You probably get more when you’re pregnant because more blood is flowing to the area. this is the process by which our uterus is cleaning through mucus.. on the other side, if discharge is in yellowish or greenish ,large in quantity and had foul smell. then it may causes due to urinary infection, and pay attention, go to yr doctor immediately
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Question: Hello... My LMP was 25 Nov.. 2 days over noe periods symptoms and white discharge
Answer: Its just two days.. Wait for a week and then get a pregnancy test done if u don't menstruate... May u get a positive result🙂
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Question: Slight brown with white thick discharge once a time.. What does it means does it indicates pregnancy.?? Lmp 17march
Answer: Hi dear I am sorry brown discharge with the white thick discharge doesn't men pregnancy because it is not a symptom at all if your last one period date was 17th of March then I really you need to wait till 17th of April if you miss your period you can take a home pregnancy test and if the test kit shows you two pink lines it will mean you have conceived and you r positive.. Hope this helps!
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