19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I nw many people got normal delivery after c sec then what is your opinion about them

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Answer: Hello dear. I also had a cesarian 4 yrs back and now planning for second. My doctor told me to keep a gap of 3 yrs in both the pregnancy if zi wish to have a normal delivery. But she also told me that normal or cesarian depends on the condition of me during my pregnancy and at the time of delievery as cesarians are not planned they happen due to complications. Hope I helped.
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Question: What is your opinion about painless normal delivery ?
Answer: Hello dear Painless normal delivery or epidural is taken when u don't want to feel more labour pain. It is given at the time of labor pain so that u can have some relief from pain. This is good for the women who dont want to have pain and want painless delivery. But it has many side effects also. Following are the side effects of epidural: 1. High blood sugar 2. Fever 3. Headache 4. Not feeling sleepy 5. Decrease in immunity 6. Low blood pressure 7. Itching skin 8. Slow breathing 9. Loss of bladder control 10. Stomach ulcers But as i too have taken epidural but till now not faced any such side effect. So, choice is urs.
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Question: What is your opinion about pcv vaccine?
Answer: Pcv is vaccination against pneumonia . I have taken 3 doses for my 5 month old.. it will protect ur kid from pneumonia. There is more chance for kis to get pneumonia within the age of 3. So it's good to get vaccinated.. Hope the answer was helpful
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Question: after c sec bleeding is more or after normal delivery ?
Answer: Hello! Bleeding is more in normal delivery as compared to C-section. Take care
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