14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I NT done but anterior low lying placenta touching the OS grade 0 this one any problem????

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Answer: I have d same problem don't worry take more rest it will b improved in ur next scan
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Question: Grade 0 anterior low lying placenta is normal
Answer: hi yes dear great is maturity of placenta it increases as a pregnancy progress , anterior Placenta is placement of placenta on Front wall of uterus which is not to be worried with this Placenta mom feels kick of little low intenae thats it,.
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Question: Low lying anterior placenta grade 0 can hve intercourse?
Answer: hi know dear when you are having low lying placenta you need to avoid sex also avoid lifting heavy weight climbing stairs for walking too much , even avoid standing or sitting for too long. make sure that you don't get constipation for that have plenty of water and fibre rich diet
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Question: I have done nt scan on 13week's and my placenta is Low lying lower edge touching the os
Answer: Low lying placenta is a common complication during pregnancy dear... you should avoid doing heavy work and take rest... sometimes upto 19 weeks there are chances that the placenta will go up
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