14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I NT done but anterior low lying placenta touching the OS grade 0 this one any problem????

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Answer: I have d same problem don't worry take more rest it will b improved in ur next scan
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Question: I have done nt scan on 13week's and my placenta is Low lying lower edge touching the os
Answer: Low lying placenta is a common complication during pregnancy dear... you should avoid doing heavy work and take rest... sometimes upto 19 weeks there are chances that the placenta will go up
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Question: placenta fundal anterior low lying 13mm from Os any problem of this placenta tell me precautions
Answer: Because it is lower lying.. So dont lift any heavy things.. Take rest...many pregnacies... Placenta is lower lying.. Bt after few years it becomes anterior and upper.. So dont worry.. Bt take rest.. Dont give pressure in the lower pelvic organs.. Take healthy and nutritious food..
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Question: "placenta is anterior grade 0 maturity low lying reaching internal os" what does that mean at 13 months pregnancy?
Answer: Hi.... placenta is anterior means , the placenta is lying in front of the uterus that is immediately beneath your stomach instead of lying at the back ... this is nothing to worry ... grade 0 is the age of the placenta ... usually till the middle of the second trimester the age of the placenta will be zero ... and slowly it will go to grade 1 in the beginning of third trimester ... and reach to grade 3 when your delivery is about to happen... Hope you are clear
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