Few weeks old baby

Question: Hiiiii.. I need help friends. My baby is 15 months old. I want to knw how many times milk should be given while sleeping till 10 am morning from 12 pm night.. Plz tell me

2 Answers
Answer: Atlist 3 to 4 times .....First of all please maintain his sleeping time routine as he sleeps too late at night and get less night sleep...If your toddler is getting too much sleep during the day, then this could have an impact on how well he sleeps at night....night sleep is important for physical as well as mental development at this age... Try making sure any naps he does have are before 3pm, so that he’s tired enough when bedtime comes around......try to wake him up early morning and u will notice he will he will take nap between 9am to 10 am....slowly gradually his routine will be maintained.....
Answer: consult our doctor