9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I mistakenly ate food that contains sesame seeds. Will that make any harm to baby? If so how to get out of that? I'm really worried.

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Answer: Little bit amount won't do any harm, if you still worried consult your doctor
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Question: I ate unknowingly sesame seeds kachori .Its heaty will it cause any harm to baby
Answer: Don't worry everything will be fine stay positive and if taken in moderate quantity it won't harm baby and also won't not cause any problems. But be careful while eating next time, drink plenty of water stay hydrated and keep your diet well eat healthy and nutritious diet.
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Question: Hai Iam 4months pregnant and I ate whole grain bread which contains sesame seeds . Does it harm my baby?
Answer: Hi dear, Donot worry.thete is no food ban in pregnancy.its just the trick of being in limits.though sesame seeds are heat,but in moderation it won't cause any issue.so relax.
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Question: Hi I'm 6 weeks of pregnant. I ate small amount of dryfruit laddu. In that sesame seeds also there. By mistakenly I ate. Is there any problem to my baby??
Answer: Arrey no dear, don't worry at all, small amount of sesame seed will not harm you anyway during pregnancy. Relax and take rest.
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Question: Hi, their will be any problem to my baby if I eat sesame seeds
Answer: Hello dear... Sesame seeds are an excellent source of protein and quality amino acids that are required for the proper growth of the foetus.. the Calcium in sesame seeds helps maintain your dental health and aids in the healthy growth of your baby.... However, if your stomach becomes upset because of eating sesame seeds, discontinue eating it..  it is best to avoid these during the first trimester as it can make you nauseous...
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