30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I missed my tt injection in the sixth month and I have thyroid so was it save to my baby

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Question: Thank u moms who have replied to my queries..today i have taken TT injection.. and it is paining so much.what may be the reason.is it normal?
Answer: Hai dear It's a intramuscular injection. That's why it is painful. It will be ok in 2 to 3 day's
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Question: when is the correct month to put TT injection...actually my fourth month has been started so when should I go for tt injection pls some one reply
Answer: Consult your doctor I had my TT injection in the end of fourth month
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Question: Hi... I was given first tt injection on July 14th and it has been more than two months now but still I am not given the second tt injection. I heard like the second dose should be given with in a month after the first tt. Since I have not got my second tt until now. Will it affect my baby? Please answer. Also is it okay if I check with my doctor and get my second tt injection now?
Answer: The second 1 will be given on yr delivery time dont worry
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