7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I missed my periods on2nd of Jan n I checked twice n it as positive bt wen I went for 1st check up 4 days back doc took me to scanning bt in scan nothing ws visible ....is everything I'll b fine .......I'm worried abt it .......?

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Answer: Dear during early pregnancy sometimes the conception happens late because of which it's hard to see anything during ultrasound. So please get a rescan done after a week or 10 days and also do a blood HCG test to know the exact count of pregnancy..
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Question: I m 5week 4days pragent today i went scanning bt baby ws not found n scanning nd dy did HCG tst it ws 1256
Answer: Hi , don't worry ,it happened with me also,I went for scan on 6th week and they found only the gestational sac, I had a repeat scan after 1week and then only the fetal pole was visible.check your scan report they may have visualised the gestational sac.and repeat your scan after 1 week as the doctor have suggested.baby is still to small to be visible now.
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Question: i m having dark red discharge one time in a day almost everyday.i went to doc the checked n said everything is fine .still worried
Answer: Hello, During pregnancy the cervix and vagina are very sensitive due to increased blood flow and hormonal changes and are bruised either during internal medical examination and tests or during sex, causing spotting.While there is no need to panic in most incidences of brownish discharge, every pregnant woman should monitor herself and her symptoms so that any signals of a serious problem is not missed while they are still manageable. Keeping track of the appearance, quantity, as well as odour of the brownish discharge is important and any perceived abnormality should be referred to a doctor at once.
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Question: hi.. my period date was 14 jan. I missed my period and checked home pregnancy kit 5 times.. it is positive.. but on ultrasound sonography it's nothing.
Answer: What opinion.. doctor called me again for ultrasound sonography after few days.. is it normal?? I m so depressed.. I just did home pregnancy test today n it was positive
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