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Question: I missed my periods my date was on 20 and yesterday i check pregnancy test it shows negative.

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Answer: It is normal to get periods delay due to various reasons like stress, health issues, daily routine etc. And if you had unprotected intercourse than as your periods date is 20 and today is 22 please wait for few more days and then again try for home test may be after 10-15days as HCG level will goes high if you are pregnant home test will show result(Urine test) If you want you can go for blood test. This test detact pregnancy much earlier than urine test.
Answer: Wait for some more days or visit ur gynaecologist to do some tests to clear the result. But in case if ur are having any kind if infertility problems like pcos, cysts, irregular periods then the chances of pregnancy are little low and if ur having no infertility issues then just track ur ovulation days the chances of getting pregnant becomes higher. All the best
Answer: Missing a period is not to be worried. 20 July you were supposed to get periods. Your period might come in 5 days. Also tell me if there was an lmp or you had any past miscarriages, pcod, uterine lining infection
Answer: Hi At times periods get delayed by week or so. You may please repeat the test after 7 days. Check with the first urine of the day. Good luck
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Question: I missed my period 53 days but I check pregnancy test it shows negative what I should do
Answer: Hi dear. You will need to visit your doctor if your periods were regular in past. Because this much gap in leriods are not good.
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Question: Dear Dr priyanka Patel dis is divya, I missed my periods, then I checked pregnancy test on Day 3 of missed periods,at that time it shows negative
Answer: Hi dear, There are many reasons for negative result: 1- late conception 2- hormone level not upto the mark 3-too early testing 4-defective test kit 5- timing of testing To avoid above things,one should give sufficient time for your hormones to rise .give atleast a week after you missed your period and then test.ypu can better test it through,blood test,which is quick and accurate.
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Question: What to do if I missed my periods but pregnancy test shows negative?
Answer: Hello, If it's been just for a month , stress might me one of the reason. But if it's been happening for consecutive months it's better you consult a doctor .
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