5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: i missed my period on 2nd april now i have some symtoms did i conceive

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Answer: It's very early to predict about pregnancy. As when I missed by periods in 18 Feb I tested through kit on last week but it was not detected. While again it did not come till 25march I tested n directly consultanted gynaecologist. Even my gync told me in first month test kits can not predict it . if it did not come till April last please consult gync. Please don not trust those kits as they are not 💯 percent accurate. All the best .
Answer: Check with pregnancy test card at home
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    Darshan Murali1172 days ago

    It came negitive

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    shaili yadav1172 days ago

    Mine was also same i came nagetive in fisrt week after missed period

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Question: Helloo..my last period was on march 2nd ..this mnth i hv on april 1st but i dint get yet..can i have any chance to conceive
Answer: Hi dear, If you missed your period then you definitely have chance to conceive.butbi would suggest you to wait for another week and test it .the pregnancy hormones needs to rise enough to show positive result.
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Question: Hii..i have missed my period..it was on april 22nd..i did pregnancy test on may 26th it was negative..when should i repeat it
Answer: Hi dear, if you are planning for pregnancy then you should wait at least one week or 10 days and then take home pregnancy test with very first morning urine to check whether you are pregnant or not. Hope it helps.
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Question: I missed my period on 17 april, can I test my pregnancy now
Answer: Hello! Yes, you can go for the pregnancy test at home. Try to take the test with the first urine of the day. This gives a more accurate results. All the best Take care
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