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Question: I mam my first pregnancy was miscarriage in 3 1/2 months in sep im totally worried about my pregnancy by losing my first baby again im trying to get pregnant but its nt works plzz suggests me

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Answer: Positivity is the answer... I lost my two babies earlier .. even i was worried like u but as soon as I oeft worrying i got my baby bump in the first month itself
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    alekhya raj33 days ago

    Ok tq.mam

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Question: Can i take tab supradyn in 1 st trimester? obg advised.. im worried about its effect on pregnancy
Answer: Supradyn is a multivitamin and will only help your foetus have a good neutral development and it is also good for your general well-being during pregnancy
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Question: My first pregnancy was c sec becoz baby was in breach even after 3 years again the delivery will be by csec or it can be normal??
Answer: Bi dear,it depends on maany fa tors the thickness if scars ,present medical conditions how well the previous csec was done and how clean are the stiches. However csec should be attempted only if if the previous csec was due to issue in baby.if the issue was with you like not dilated well,the Dr will not recommend to try vaginal birth .
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Question: Hii , in my first pregnancy i got miscarriage . And again i got mi pregnancy now i am fearing does indian toilet will lead miscarriage some what worried? Is it safe to use indian toilet in my first trimester
Answer: If you can tell us why your first miscarriage happened we can help you better but on a general note it is seen that first trimester pregnancies are quite common and reason is mostly genetic abnormalities but this dies not mean your baby is at risk so don't worryvabout it see a doctor immediately get a scan done and you may also consider using progesterone supplement to safe guard your pregnancy.
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