6 months old baby

Question: i m working women my baby is now 5.5 month old. I will join after six month. my baby is not staying with anybody.crying continues when I m not nearby. I tried to keep him for some time and after that increase time .about 15 days I m trying this but ,no benefit....what will I do..I m very stressed now.

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Question: Hi..i m trying to conceive past six month but not yet get success..after intercourse the sperm will leaking..how to stop sperm leaking
Answer: Laid down in the bed 30mins after intercourse and after that ur have to wash it
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Question: My baby is 4 months I am working woman... I need to join my duty after 1 month How should I prepare him for it from now?
Answer: develope a routine for your baby , dont make him super dependant on you espeacilly during gour working hours , keep breastfeedings steady duuring the night and also during early mornings and evenings . during the day make him habitual of taking a. bottle of fm or bm , associate your breasts as only a source of meal and disassociate it for comfort and play , develeope his routine of feedings after every two to tbree hours in the meantine if he cries sooth him via a pacifier , or put some boiled water on your clean finger n place it in his mouth to sooth him
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Question: I m not getting my periods after delivery,,now its six month running
Answer: After delivery it will take some time for periods to get started especially when you breastfeed your baby, as harmonal changes are quite common. And every body is different so periods will get started when your body is ready. Don't worry and happy motherhood
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