5 months old baby

Question: I m working woman . I want to start bottle feed . how to start . she is 4 month 27 daz

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Question: Mam my baby is 2 month old nd she is refusing bottle feed what can i do ?? Bottle feed is must for her because im working woman.
Answer: Hi dear, Who ever is taking care of her,ask her to give by spoon .it is the best way of feeding.bottle feeding could lead to infection,if not cleaned and strerelized properly.
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Question: My baby is 2 month old I want to start formula feed because I'm a working woman can I start and how to make formula feeding and what is the quantity to feed
Answer: Hello! You can start with formula milk, initially you need to get a small packet of a certain brand and check how it suits the baby and then accordingly decide on the milk. For preparation of 30ml of milk, you need 30 ml boiled water and add one scoop of the formula milk (scoop is available in the packet) . Initially start with 60ml in a katori and Spoon, also you can use slow flow nipple bottle also. Take care
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Question: How to train 4 month old to bottle feed? I'm a working mom.
Answer: dnt give bottle to baby wen he/she is very hungry.calm ur baby offer some breastmilk if needed to calm then try giving bottle..slowly baby will learn howmto drink from bottle
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