26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 25 wks pregnant.my sugar is 120 in fasting and pp 180.is it harm to baby.I m talking insulin but it is not controlled.

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Question: I have I sugar after talking insulin around 120 fasting.. What to do?
Answer: hi dear as you are already diabetic you need to take care of your diet from the beginning of your pregnancy. a in general pregnancy brings diameter condition to expectant mothers because of the hormonal changes occurring in the body. ask you have diabetes from the beginning you need to take more care about your diet as well as your health. you need to follow a strict diabetic diet know you are pregnant. You can add more protein to your diet. ask you that doctor to give you a proper diet according to your health and availability of food options. maintain a Healthy lifestyle. Walking for an hour will be effective. Have to take the medicine as positive by your gynecologist. wish you a healthy pregnancy.
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Question: Hi my sugar level is fasting 81 after breakfast 153. I took insulin before food. Upto last week sugar controlled but now increased... I'm wooried
Answer: Dont worry.Check with your diabetologist.Dr will increase insulin dosage.Since your baby is growing sugar levels will fluctuate which can be managed by proper diet along with proper insulin dosage.
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Question: I am 32 week pregnent,My sugar level is 110 in fasting. And 180 in sugar PP. I m very much afraid. Plz suggest.
Answer: Don't worry or get afraid be strong everything will be fine
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