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Question: I m 13 wk pregnant. 14th ongoing. On 13th wk i had quickening once, but since then m not feeling any kind of movement. Can anyone plz suggest me on this. Everyday thus keeps on coming in my mind why there is no movement i cn feel. Last scan was NT SCAN which was normal. Plz suggest

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Answer: Hello, The first time when you feel your baby’s movements and begin to realize its presence is called as pregnancy quickening. Many mothers tend to feel it as someone tapping from within, or a vibrating sensation as if a bird is taking flight. Some babies tend to make it feel as if they are punching or kickingaround inside the body. But nothing to worry about the movements of a baby you will feel will be from 18 to 25 weeks onwards please have patience and wait for the proper baby movements to happen. There is nothing to worry about.
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Question: Hi i am 13week pregnant...i went through NT scan...first heart beat was 165bpm then 137bpm then 170bpm ...its normal or not... anyone suggest me
Answer: Heatbeat keeps changing n settles down in 9th month. Do not worry
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Question: I m 14th week pregnant.I had NT scan & double marker study on 12th week & nt scan report was normal & screen test report was negative.Are quadrable marker test & amniocentesis necessary for me?
Answer: Since both reports are normal quadraple and amnio is not necessary I guess. In case of any issue in NT or double marker, doc suggest to proceed with latter ones.Still u can confirm with ur doc
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Question: Hi i m 11 week pregnant at 6 weeks i hv done ultrasound scanning their was embryo with heartbeat in the report bt when i was repeted the scan on 14th of this month yolk sac not seen n the impression was probably failed early pregnant but i m nt having any bleeding pls suggest me.
Answer: Dear I would suggest you to consult another doctor and get the scan done at a different lab and see those results. That would make things clear. Hope it helps.
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