21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii, i m 20 wk pregnant, doctor advised me to take dafodil tablet to control my Thyroid problem, as i m having hypothyroidism, llz let me know if any body also taking dis medicine or not, plz suggest me what to do?

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Question: What precautions should i take to control my thyroid,apart from taking medicine of thyroid
Answer: Continue taking thyroxine tablet Take care of your diet include more protein like pulses, legumes,kidney beans, soya bean paneer egg chicken fish etc along with the green vegetable salad and fruits and try not to put on so much weight don't take so much stress as stress is affect the thyroid hormone secretion If possible go for exercise or walk you can also do prenatal yoga under the experts guidance to keep thyroid gland under check. Take care
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Question: My doc advised to take asprin. Is it ok. I m having hypothyroidism
Answer: yes you can take this medicines , these are the blood thinning medicines which are given in the cases where the blood supply to the uterus is not sufficient this medicine increase the blood supply to the uterus and ultimately increase the growth of the foetus
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Question: I recently discovered through blood test that I was having thyroid and doctor prescribed me 25 mcg thyronorm after which my thyroid is under control .but doctor has advised not to stop taking the tablet so i take it everyday.is it possible to conceive naturally and have healthy pregnancy if thyroid tablets are continued.
Answer: Yes, it is absolutely possible to conceive naturally when you are on thyroid tablets. In fact, you need the tablets to keep the thyroid within normal limits, then conceive and then the tablets help to maintain the pregnancy
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