25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 24 weeks twin pregnent n in morning today I feel watery discharge a big more I go for ultrasound ig was ok n movements r also ok n my consultation said uterus is also locked than the discharge is normal?

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Answer: In 6th month it normally appear but clear in 7th month. N it's not necessary that it appear
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Question: Wn i went fr a check up dr felt my uterus was big n said it cud b that d fibroids r growing.bahut tension ho rahi hei.
Answer: Hi fibroid generally occur before pregnancy and might have been silent without symptoms till now. Most probably fibroid cause no harm and generally are more visible because they increase in size due to release of progesterone hormone in pregnancy. Alternatively they might cause mild abdominal pain or Slight bleeding this is also not very harmful. In very rare causes it may cause pretty term labor or severe bleeding even in this case the harm caused to the baby is almost equal to 0 . It will not cause harm to your baby in anyway.
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Question: Hiii...iam 13 week twin pregnant today i feel very sharp pain and pressure in my vagina also white watery discharge that's makes me very uncomfortable .
Answer: No need to worry, its normal. slow down movements, so that u will be comfortable enough
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Question: i am feeling less movements of my baby during daytym n at night i feel baby movements more... thing is dat should i go for ultrasound soon.. ??
Answer: no nt to wrry...u r feeling dats imoortant...tym dsnt matter..may b in day tym he is resting a lot...
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