9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 8 weeks pregnant why am I getting too much belly weight . My arms also gaining weight. I am upset .

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Answer: It will happen gradually.. be relaxed and follow what the dictor says
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Question: Dear why i am gaining too weight that showing on my face arms and legs?
Answer: Hello, Dear weight gain is very normal diring pregnancy and also its important. So don't worry . As long as you are eating only healthy diet and gaining weight than you shouldn't worry. I think that you can start on a great eating track at any time during your pregnancy. So, just be OK with where you are and begin a great healthy eating pattern. After the baby is born you can really concentrate on loosing that extra weight. I myself gained alot of weight during pregnancy and just after delivery there was only the after baby bump. So do t stress just enjoy your pregnancy that's it.. weight can be managed after delivery... Tc
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Question: I am 9weeks pregnant and why m losing so much weight why it's not gaining ??
Answer: Hello dear This weight loose might be due to nausea and vomiting which u are having in ur pregnancy. And also u feel faique while working whole day. So, whatever u eat all gone in vain. So, u are not able to gain proper weight. Just try to have plenty of water to keep urself healthy. As well as eat healthy and proper food.
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Question: m 9 weeks pregnant , my problem is m gaining weight like anything and my belly has grown too much , is everything alright?
Answer: belly grows and u even put on weight during this period.But if there is a sudden rise in weight,Though u are not eating that much and u have a feeling something is wrong,u need to get your sugar checked.Usually there is gradual increase in weight throughout pregnancy
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