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Question: I m 26 weeks pregnant while sleeping i felt lack of oxygen during breathing and i m uncomfortable when i slept on left side and more comfortable in right and back position. Is it safe for my baby pls help

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Answer: You can sleep on right side also that's not a problem the only thing is it recommended to sleep on left side is because it has lot of benefits for you and your baby but right side won't be a problem at all and avoid sleeping on your back because when you lie belly-up, the weight of your uterus can compress a major blood vessel, called the vena cava, disrupting blood flow and oxygen to your baby and leaving you nauseated, dizzy, and short of breath. The best way to sleep during the second half of pregnancy is on your side. During second half of your pregnancy, your breathing might feel more labored as your growing uterus puts pressure on your diaphragm  – especially if you are carrying your baby high, are pregnant with multiples, or have excessive amniotic fluid. If you're feeling a little breathless, try these tips for relief: 1.Take things a bit more slowly and don't push yourself too hard when being active. 2.Sit up straight and keep your shoulders back (especially when sitting) to give your lungs as much room as possible to expand. 3.Prop yourself up a bit with a few extra pillows when you're in bed at night. 4.Try to be patient. It's no fun to be uncomfortably out of breath. But after you give birth, your breathing will soon feel like it did before you were pregnant.
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Question: I m 26 weeks pregnant. Which is the best sleeping position. I m more comfortable on my right side. Shall i sleep on my right?? Is it best?
Answer: left side a the best position bcz blood circulation happens n which z good for baby
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