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Question: I'm 15 weeks pregnant, what are the scannings done henceforth? is there any scan to determine mental health and to find physical disability?

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Answer: hello dear your doctor might suggest the down syndrome or triple marker or double marker test which is usually done at 18 weeks..by that you can know the chromosomal abnormality..your ultrasound will detect the physical disability dear..
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    Sneha Bhaskar1278 days ago

    Thankyu dea😊

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Question: Are there any more scannings done after the 7 month scan ?
Answer: Yes dear, there are still more scans to know the exact growth of baby. Which will be prescribed by your doctor time to time so dont miss any..
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Question: Hi I am 15 weeks pregnant and my NT scan is also done and reports are all fine are there any risks after this.
Answer: No dear, next scan would be anomaly scan, which is done in 20 weeks, it is one of the most important scan. You must get done it.
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Question: Hi, total how many scannings done in whole pregnancy and is there any scanning done between 34 to 36 weeks ?
Answer: Hello dear, congrats for being pregnancy Total 3 scan is done in whole pregnancy, one is in third month, second is 5th month and third is 7th month. There is no scanning is done between 34 to 36 weeks but in case if you have to face any problem related to pregnancy in these weeks then may be doctor suggests for scanning.
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