9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I'm 9 weeks pregnant. We have a planned trip to Jammu Vaishno Devi temple. Should I cancel it or i can do the tracking slowly?

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Answer: Hello Dear Travelling during your pregnancy depends If you have a normal pregnancy, without any complication, but before taking any decision, you must seek advice from your gynecologist, be it any time during your pregnancy. Also, avoid sitting for long hours in one go, do get up and stretch your muscles periodically, don't walk at stretch do sit and rest at times. Carry all yur important medication, stay hydrated and carry healthy munchies to munch during travel. Take care
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    Gauri Bhatia237 days ago

    U should cancel it

Answer: Hope you have already done an ultrasound to detect baby's heartbeat and everything is normal about it. See vaishno Devi temple trekking is not an easy thing to do and is certainly not advisable in early pregnancy in the first trimester. You should have chosen 2nd trimester for this trip. If you are too motivated, then go slowly and carefully, take help from family members, carry the essential medication and food supplies with you. All the best.
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Answer: Hello dear The first trimester is a great time to travel, except that morning sickness and fatigue often kick in around 7 to 8 weeks, so be prepared. If you have a medical condition or have had pregnancy complications you should discuss these with your doctor
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Question: I m 8 weeks pregnant...my family is planning a trip to vaishno devi on 21 march 2019...can i also join them?
Answer: Dear vaishnodevi is 13 km walk and that too in cold temperature. It actually depends on your pregnancy then. In March you will be in your 6 th month so your doctor would be telling you if you are fit to travel that much and do all the walking. Please avoid it if possible as it would be too much exertion for you during pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Answer: You may plan some other time it is very risky for you to go in early pregnancy.
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Answer: Hello! travelling to Vaishno Devi will be very tiring. Moreover, being on the high al, it can also cause breathing problem. Also consult your doctor once.
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