37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 36th weeks pregnant, placenta position is posterior upper side grade 3 ., What it means. Please reply me.

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Answer: : Placenta posterior upper segment Implies your placenta is attached to the back wall of your uterus towards the top away from cervix which is good As for grade 3 Placenta can be graded from. 0 to 3 0 being initial phase and gradually moving to 3 towards delivery As you are in week 36 grade 3 is good for normal delivery.
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Question: What is Placenta grade 3 maturity means? Please reply madam
Answer: Hi dear Placenta Ka growth and maturity (age) ,grade wise categorised hota hai.initially grade 0 se grade 3 tak jaata hai Jaise pregnancy aage badhti hai. Grade 3 placenta usually final weeks me Hoti hai.aapka 35 week me grade 2 tak Hona chahiye.usually 37 week me placenta grade 3 me hota hai. Agar placenta bohat jaldi mature hua toh Kuch complications as Sakti hai.jaise pre term labor ya low lying placenta aur low birth weight baby Ka. But Aapka border line hai,aur ghabrane ki baat Nahi hai.doctors ki Salah maan ke chale.
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Question: Placenta - fundo posterior upper segment maturity grade 2 what does it means? Plz tell me
Answer: The position of palcenta is normal and age of palcenta is also normal. Nothing to worry .
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Question: What it means when placenta is of grade 1, grade 2 or grade 3. And what posterior and anterior placenta. I m very confused plz help me out.
Answer: Placenta Grade 1 is during initial stage of pregnancy. It must reach to grade 3 by the time of delivery Posterior means placenta is on the inerside n anterior means placenta is on the outerside of ur uterus. In anterior u have a cushion n baby kicks are not so severe
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