29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I m 28 weeks pregnant now, suddenly bleeding started, I consult my regular doctor, from 2 days I m in hospital, they told uterus opened, so from injection and we stopped delivery for 1 month , pls tell reason why this happens, further I have to full bed rest, pls advice

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Answer: U should be in full bed rest take care
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    Nasir Nasir1184 days ago

    Don't worry dear take full bed rest and take care

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Question: Hello mam.. I'm 7week 5 days pregnant...i started bleeding dan after i consult my doctor they suggested me some injections and complete bed rest.. should i have to do complete bed rest is it necessary
Answer: Hi dear, If the bleeding is too much and since the viability of your pregnancy is not been done yet like detecting baby's heartbeat ,then b d rest is what I would suggest too.continue taking the injections,that is to sustain the pregnancy.wish you all the best!
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Question: Hi! My 23 week is going to complete tomorrow, last Saturday i was bleeding i went to hospital for same they did ultrasound everything was ok, they give me some injection and medicine and ask for 7days bed rest. Now today again I am bleeding please suggest what should I do? Saturday during my ultrasound and check up bleeding was stopped
Answer: The cervix is so sensitive during pregnancy that bleeding can quite easily occur. As its again with you if you are having bleeding with clots I would suggest u to get checked.
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Question: Hello, I m 6 week pregnant. Suddenly since yesterday i m started bleeding. Please advice me what to do n why it is happening
Answer: You are bleeding than you should consult to your gynae. Take precautions and rest.
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